What's new in 1.0.0?

After a long long time ProDT is back and with some major changes in the code and the functionalities.


  • Added support to interpreters
  • Editor
    • Improved syntax coloring identifying built in predicates and operators defined by the project's interpreter. Although there is no way to configurate it yet :(.
  • Console
    • The console was improved a lot adding among other things
      • Autocompletion
      • Arrow keys usage to navigate through previous executed consults
  • Autocomplete
    • Autocomplete in editor proposes the built in predicates and operators defined for the interpreted used in the project.
    • Autocomplete in console proposes the built in predicates and operators defined for the interpreted used in the opened console.
  • Outline
    • The outline view was added which will display the elements defined in the document in a three view linked with the editor

Lost but will be coming back

  • Configuration of syntax coloring
  • F3 key binding to open a predicate declaration

What's new in 0.1.1?

This is simply a stabilization release of the original features in linux.


  • [ 2022511 ] Compilation - Errors and Warnings are not displayed on Linux
  • [ 2019135 ] Configuration - Error trying to find prolog interpreter

What's new in 0.1.0?

This version has less external changes, bugfixed and features than expected, but that doesn't mean the project stood still!! Because the core of this release are the refactors done to gain extensibility.


  • Prolog Project creation: Go to File->New->Prolog Project .
  • Editor:
    • Associated with .pl and .pro file extensions.
    • Syntax coloring
    • Files can be marked using tasks and bookmarks: Left click on editor's left ruler, they can be seen on Tasks and Bookmarks views.
    • Quick outline: Ctrl-O and start typing the name of a predicate in order to navigate to it.
    • Open declaration: With the cursor on a predicate A used in the body of a predicate B, press F3 in order to navigate to predicate A declaration.
    • Comment/Uncomment: Selecting lines of text and pressing Ctrl-/ the lines will be commented/uncommented.
    • Autocompletion: Pressing Ctrl-Space a list of rules and predicates defined in the file, will be displayed. Each proposal shows as its comment, the comment written right before the element declaration in the file.
  • Compilation integrated with the eclipse's build cycle.
    • The compiler used is pluggable as the interpreter.
    • It shows the compilation errors in Problems view. Double click on a row on the Problems view will focus the file's line where the compilation error is.
  • Interpreter:
    • Right button on an editor and then Run as..->Run Swi session will open in the Console view a swi interpreter where you can run goals.
    • To end a swi session press the red square button on the Console view's tool bar.